2022 Tour Dates

 This year's tour is scheduled for October 8th and 9th - the first full weekend in October.  We're expanding the tour a bit this year and calling it Baker Artists Tour.  It will include the always popular Open Studios activity PLUS expansion of roving art fair with art booths for display and sales - located at Crossroads Arts Center and Churchill School.  The weekend includes First Friday gallery walk on evening of October 7th.  More details to come! 

Meet the Artists

Meet the artists on the 2021 Open Studios Tour on The Artists 2021 Tour tab. Come visit in person Saturday October 2 10:00 - 4:00 and October 3 Noon-4:00.  Downloadable brochure and map available soon!

Artist sign up information

 OPEN STUDIOS INFO    May 2021 Hello Artists and Craftspeople: Open Studios for Baker County is scheduled for October 2-3 this year.  Saturday hours 10:00 am – 4:00 pm   Sunday hours Noon-4:00 pm.     There is no fee required to join this year. Baker Art Guild will provide a tour guide with artist information, available in print and downloadable from the website.  There will be a map to studio spots.  Art Guild will do some basic marketing to include poster, social media, and handouts possibly to be distributed in person at out of town events such as Boise Art in the Park…that plan is still in development. Word of Mouth is always the best marketing, so over the summer, we will send out information and print some handouts for artists to distribute at any markets or art events where they are participating. Please help get the word out!!!! You can choose whatever kind of experience you want for visitors to your space.  Sales or no sales, technique demonstrations, snacks or no snac

Save the dates - 2021 Open Studios October 2-3

 Amy VanGaasbeck Fine Art Studio Painter Amy VanGaasbeck works with oils, and also does drawings with charcoal and in pen and ink.  She works in a bright sunlit shared studio space in Churchill School in Baker City.   Amy is well known for her nostalgic still life paintings of vintage items from earlier eras, and her paintings of classic cars using close ups in an almost abstract way and featuring gleaming chrome and shiny reflections.   Her latest focus is oil portraits of people she’s met on mission trips to Kenya.     She is working on the portraits using reference photographs, which requires special skill to capture the “aliveness” of the subjects.   She also has been experimenting with taking old paintings or retro paintings and adding a pop culture reference.   Amy sells mostly online at    She also shows at Crossroads-Carnegie Art Center, White House Design, and occasionally at Copper Belt Wine Tasting in Baker City.   This display of finished work doe

Mason Cessna, Printmaker

  Printmaker Mason Cessna works out of a spacious studio in Churchill School in Baker City.   Mason has worked on different types of print processes in his career, and also experiments with ceramics. Currently he is doing woodblock reduction printing – requiring multiple stages and colors. As an “artist in residence” at Churchill he is helping establish Churchill Press -   a community focused printmaking project. Churchill Press specializes in etching, monotype, relief, and experimental printing methods. Mason sells from his studio, and you can see his work at The Conrad Etching Press Supply of wood blocks Wood carving tools Inks and rollers Ink is rolled onto the blocks from a glass top table Preparing the paper The freshly pressed print is hung to dry with other works in progress. When the woodblock design is further reduced, additional color layers will be added.  All kinds of paper might be used - showing a print done on a vintage newsprint comics page. 

Moonflower Arts Studio

  Stopping in at Moonflower Arts where ceramics artist Leigh Metz is creating jewelry, garden art, and ceramic tiles.   Located in a small building behind her Baker City home, this compact space is set up for efficiency and managing multiple projects.   Leigh designs and produces jewelry in quantity to sell at art markets around the west, the Boise Saturday Market, online, and in several stores and gift shops.   With pandemic restrictions this year she is mostly selling online and wholesale. Many of her pieces use layered glazes and multiple firings.   She recently has started producing decorative tiles showing scenes from National Parks, starting with Arches National Park.   You can see her work locally at Crossroads-Carnegie Art center, or online at The center worktable has work in different stages.  Clay preparation area.  Tools for shaping and texture.  For pieces to be reproduced in quantity, Leigh uses small metal cutters, similar to cookie cutters