Scavenger Hunt

New to Art Tour this year is a SCAVNGER HUNT!  Using a downloadable phone app, you and your friends will find clues in artist studios, see public art and local galleries, and meet artists.  The Baker Artists Tour event will be available on the app only during the time of the tour - Saturday, October 8, 10:00-4:00.    Players will be asked to solve riddles with clues, or share a photo from their perspective of some of the interesting artwork around Baker City.  To join in, first download the app at any time by scanning here: You'll need to set up an account, and choose a user name and password.  We are not gathering data or tracking people for marketing.  This is just for fun and to introduce local art and artists.  All information used during the hunt goes away after the event.  In setting up account preferences, you need to allow access to camera and location - the game won't work without.  You can delete your account and close out these preferences whenever you w

2022 Program and Map now available

2022 Program and Map  2022 Map (go to 2022 Map Heading if link does not work)  

Baker City Artists Tour October 8, 2022

Mark your calendars for Saturday October 8th.  Open Studios self-guided tour.  Purchase art directly from featured artists.  A scavenger hunt to find public art, studios, and galleries in Baker City and Haines while competing for prizes.  Meet some of Baker City and Haines' favorite artists, see their creative spaces.  10:00 am to 4:00 pm.   Free.  Tour guide and map  and artist information will be available September 2nd.  Contact for more information.   

Artist info to join the 2022 tour

  Baker Artists Tour is scheduled for Saturday October 8 2022 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.   Our goal is to help people connect with some of our local artists, learn more about studios, galleries to purchase local art, and the growing collection of public art created by local talent.  If you are an artist who would like to join the 2022 Tour, deadline to be included in the map/guide (printed and online) is August 20th.    Please write to  for more information.  If  your studio is too far out of town or in some way not suitable for visitors and you'd still like to participate, you can get a display table at Crossroads-Carnegie Art Center.  Please call them at 541-523-5369 to get more info and reserve a spot.  This year, it is free to participate.  Event will include a self guided tour for the public, and a scavenger hunt of public art, studios, and galleries available through a downloadable app. 

Meet the Artists

Meet the artists on the 2021 Open Studios Tour on The Artists 2021 Tour tab. Come visit in person Saturday October 2 10:00 - 4:00 and October 3 Noon-4:00.  Downloadable brochure and map available soon!
 Amy VanGaasbeck Fine Art Studio Painter Amy VanGaasbeck works with oils, and also does drawings with charcoal and in pen and ink.  She works in a bright sunlit shared studio space in Churchill School in Baker City.   Amy is well known for her nostalgic still life paintings of vintage items from earlier eras, and her paintings of classic cars using close ups in an almost abstract way and featuring gleaming chrome and shiny reflections.   Her latest focus is oil portraits of people she’s met on mission trips to Kenya.     She is working on the portraits using reference photographs, which requires special skill to capture the “aliveness” of the subjects.   She also has been experimenting with taking old paintings or retro paintings and adding a pop culture reference.   Amy sells mostly online at    She also shows at Crossroads-Carnegie Art Center, White House Design, and occasionally at Copper Belt Wine Tasting in Baker City.   This display of finished work doe

Mason Cessna, Printmaker

  Printmaker Mason Cessna works out of a spacious studio in Churchill School in Baker City.   Mason has worked on different types of print processes in his career, and also experiments with ceramics. Currently he is doing woodblock reduction printing – requiring multiple stages and colors. As an “artist in residence” at Churchill he is helping establish Churchill Press -   a community focused printmaking project. Churchill Press specializes in etching, monotype, relief, and experimental printing methods. Mason sells from his studio, and you can see his work at The Conrad Etching Press Supply of wood blocks Wood carving tools Inks and rollers Ink is rolled onto the blocks from a glass top table Preparing the paper The freshly pressed print is hung to dry with other works in progress. When the woodblock design is further reduced, additional color layers will be added.  All kinds of paper might be used - showing a print done on a vintage newsprint comics page.